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Personalised Audio Stories

"Hello Archie!"

   Just plug in our multi point USB stick to
 listen in the car, on your phone, tablets & laptops.


"Off we go Elsie!"

Personalised audio story for children on USB

USB, Micro & USB C 

Children love to hear their name again & again throughout
these fun filled stories packed with lively songs & rhymes!
Great for car journeys, bedtimes & helps develop listening & imagination skills.
Personalised Audio Story In Nursery Rhyme Land
00:00 / 00:54

Bo Peep has lost her sheep again!

Your child helps find all 10 sheep with the help of Humpty Dumpty, Jack & Jill and many other characters they meet on the journey. 

Length 37 mins.

HUNDREDS of names available !

Personalised Audio Story The Three Little Pigs
00:00 / 00:46

The Big Bad Wolf is blowing houses down!

Will your child help the Three Little Pigs find the Wolf? Who will they meet on the way? Will Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and all the other characters make friends with the Wolf in the end?

Length 40 mins.

Personalised Audio Story about the Solar System on USB stick
00:00 / 01:06

Beaming aboard Zartok's spaceship, children join an exciting fact-filled tour of the Planets.

Learning is fun - especially with Orsen the entertaining space pet! Join in the songs and rap rhymes but be prepared for Orsen's unforgettable jokes ! 

Length 47 mins.

Our personalised audio stories are a unique gift for any child under 10 years of age.

Easy to post, the USB sticks make an unusual birthday gift, Xmas present, Christening or naming ceremony gift.. They are also popular gifts for baby showers.

With the increase in visual entertainment for children we are pleased to provide an opportunity for children to listen to stories and imagine - to make their own pictures ! 

Ideal for bedtimes and car journeys these audio stories are a unique personalised gift that will last and be played again & again!

ABOUT US  The Land of Barafundle.....listen & imagine

Once upon a time...


Barafundle was started by two Mums who both made up stories at bedtime that took their children to magical lands. The children would drift off to sleep in an exciting world of their imagination.

This was the inspiration behind Barafundle personalised stories. Recording the child's name into the storyline makes each story special to each child. Our narrator talks directly to your child, guiding them on their personalised journey. Lots of other characters are met on the way during these fun filled adventures packed with songs and rhymes.  


Children love to hear their name throughout their unique adventures. ​ In today's world of TV, computers and screens, children are constantly given visual images. With our stories, children have a chance to make their own pictures using their imagination.  ​The stories also help develop listening skills, engaging the child as they hear their name again & again throughout their own special story.

We've been delighted by the personal response we've had from customers who have told us how much the stories have been listened to and loved.

Our personalised stories are available on a multi-point USB stick too listen on your phone, in the car, laptops, TV etc.

Our personalised audio stories make unique birthday gifts, new baby gifts to treasure, baby shower ideas, bridesmaids & pageboys gifts, Christening & naming ceremonies gifts and many more special occasions.  


Children love to hear their name in these personalised stories -  at home, in the car, at bedtimes or for some quiet time -  the stories keep children entertained.

We've had an avalanche of lovely feedback - Thank you !

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